Looking for an affordable e-commerce application?


You are an ambitious retail store owner who wants to go beyond a particular area and reach out to customers over a larger geographical spread. Or probably you would like to set up your own retail store but do not have the necessary know-how to find the right location, rent a retail space, build up an inventory, select and hire skilled sales staff and appropriately market your products besides dealing with the legal aspects of setting up a brick and mortar store. In such a case, setting up an online store is the perfect solution to meet your needs as not only it comes with less legal hassles, it also requires a lot less money, time and efforts from you allowing you to reach out to a larger customer base by selling your products on a global scale over the internet.

If you are sufficiently convinced about taking your store online, you will then need to have an e-commerce solution. And obviously, in order to save on cost and at the same time not compromise with the quality you would be looking for an affordable and effective e-commerce application that aptly meets your needs without costing you much. Needless to say, choosing the right e-commerce solution is a crucial decision to keep your business going great.

Apart from bespoke e-Commerce apps, there are a number of languages with a number of e-Commerce platforms supported by them. However, you will mostly be advised to go along with a PHP based e-commerce application because most of the PHP based e-commerce applications are open source software which is free and customizable as per your specific requirements. Again, there are a lot of PHP based e-commerce application frameworks that are quite popular among the rest. Some of the favored names in the industry are Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, Drupal, osCommerce and Zen Cart.

Magento E-Commerce development  shows promises of a great future and has become the most favored ecommerce application most popularly used by Ebay . OpenCart which has a flexible codebase is used to rapidly get an ecommerce site online. PrestaShop which measures up well with Magento and OpenCart is viewed as a capable ecommerce platform using the Smarty templating engine that gives it an edge over its peers. While Drupal is not necessarily an ecommerce platform and mostly a CMS, yet owing to its large community and a vast library of downloadable extensions, it finds mention among the top six PHP based ecommerce platforms. osCommerce is the oldest ecommerce platform which is back by strong community support and Zen Cart is a fully customizable PHP based ecommerce platform that is easy to setup and runs from your own web server thus offering you full control of its features and capabilities.

Armed with this knowledge your next step is obviously to find the right software development partner to customize any given ecommerce platform to perfectly suite your needs. If you have been searching for a partner who has considerable custom PHP development knowledge especially in the ecommerce area, then your search ends here.

Mindfire Solutions is your ideal ecommerce software development partner who will help you leverage on the software aspect of an ecommerce platform and customize the ecommerce application to fit your needs. To know more about Magento development India and the expertise, please contact us on sales@mindfiresolutions.com or call 1-248-686-1424.